NEW Spring 2014 Course – CEP 891: Teaching Languages with Technology

We would like to announce a new special topics course taught by Dr. Chin-Hsi Lin and Dr. Ruhui Ni
Course Overview

Technology has become increasingly influential and ubiquitous, and has transformed the way that people learn and teach languages. This course is designed to meet the needs of educational professionals who are interested in capitalizing on the power of technology to enhance instruction in their second/foreign language classrooms. You will review literature to see how technology can be utilized to improve learning and teaching second languages. You will gain hands-on experience with a number of technologies (e.g. speech analysis, multimedia annotation, cloud-based writing, virtual spaces, digital games, and Web-based learning environments) to learn about their affordances and constraints. You will also participate in discussions about the nature of an ideal language-learning environment, and design an ideal technology-enriched environment based on your own teaching context.
Background knowledge of second/foreign language learning theories is NOT required. Basic computing and Web 2.0 skills are preferred, but not required.

Course Goals

The major goal of this course is for educational professionals to gain understandings about, and develop abilities to integrate, technology in language teaching. Upon completing the course, you will:
1)    Have gained a general understanding of the field of technology and language learning;
2)    Understand the affordances offered by various technologies, and also be aware of the constraints that are associated with each of them;
3)    Have developed your abilities to strategically search for, identify and adopt technologies in language teaching;
4)    Understand the important issues associated with technology adoptions in general, and specific technology adoptions in particular.
How to Enroll
Registration is available now for current students via  If you would like to take CEP 891 as a lifelong education student, please email for enrollment information. For information on the course, email Dr. Lin –  or Dr. Dr. Ruhui Ni