FYC:Showcase of Teacher Project


Showcase of Teacher Project: MAET Showcase

Each quarter we will be showcasing a teacher’s project completed during his/her participation in our program. Sometime soon we are planning to archive these lessons on our website for you to refer to throughout the year. For any students that have previously taken the Certificate we are asking that you complete a Permission to Use Student Work form so that we can compile the archive. Please download the form here and mail or fax it back to Brook Thompson.

As part of the Master’s in Educational Technology program educators are able to take classes in East Lansing, Traverse City, or Plymouth, England. Over the past two summers in the MAET program in Plymouth, England educators worked on several projects while learning how to integrate technology into their classrooms.

David Wong, Ken Dirkin, Kathryn Dirkin, Leigh Graves Wolf, Danah Henriksen and Sharman Siebenthal were the instructors for the program and helped the educators develop their projects. Ken Dirkin developed a website that showcases the work that was accomplished.

Visit http://maetshowcase.educ.msu.edu to check out the different projects that were completed.

If you find this resource useful please let us know by sending us an email at newsletter@edutech.msu.edu.