FYC: Showcase of Teacher Projects


Showcase of Teacher Project: Multiplication Lesson using PowerPoint

With this issue we are starting a new format for the For Your Classroom column. Each quarter we will be showcasing a teacher’s project completed during his/her participation in our program. By next fall we are planning to archive these lessons on our website for you to refer to throughout the year.

As part of the Certificate program teachers need to create what we call a StAIR or Stand Alone Instructional Resource. These resources can than be used in the classroom as a tool: 1)to help students that may be struggling with a particular concept; 2)to provide gifted and talented students with a means to learn higher level concepts; or 3)to provide a class of students a means to learn a particular concept at their own pace.

In this issue we are showcasing a StAIR on Multiplication created by Michael Partridge, Technology Training and Support Specialist at Pinckney Community Schools and a new edition to the program’s Adjunct Faculty. Michael participated in the certificate program in 2002 and went on to complete his Masters in Educational Technology from MSU.

Michael created his StAIR to help some of his students that were not understanding how to multiply more than one digit. The final product is done in PowerPoint. He also used Flash to create movies to provide his students with a visualization of how the numbers carry over.

View the StAIR

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