Alan L. Smith, Lab Director
134 IM Sports Circle
308 W. Circle Drive, rm 134
(517) 353-6497


Obtaining research experience as an undergraduate student in the SiMPL can offer unique learning opportunities and strengthen connections with others interested in kinesiology-related careers and working with young people. Our undergraduate research assistants help with literature reviews, data collection and management, data analysis and preparation of scientific presentations. They work closely with graduate students and Dr. Smith and are encouraged to participate over multiple semesters. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Dr. Smith or phone the lab at 517-353-6497.

Graduate students in the SiMPL receive intensive research training, teaching opportunities, and other professional experiences that provide the foundation for independent scholarly work in sport and exercise psychology. Dr. Smith accepts one to two new graduate students per year. Successful applicants typically initiate communication with Dr. Smith well in advance of the application period, have interests that closely align with the SiMPL research agenda, and possess strong academic and research profiles. Please contact Dr. Smith if you have interest in pursuing graduate work with us.