Dr. Hauck is the director of the PLAY’d lab and an assistant professor in Kinesiology. Her research interests include adapted physical activity and promotion of physical activity and motor skill development in infants and children with and without disabilities.

Isabella is an M.D.-Ph.D. student in Kinesiology and the College of Human Medicine. Her focus is the prevention of childhood obesity in infants and children. She works with typically developing children, as well as those with disabilities such as Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Isabella’s current project is an intervention to promote motor skills in young children with ASD.

Yuemei is a PhD student in Kinesiology majoring in Cognitive and Motor Neuroscience. Her research interest is focusing on designing and implementing interventions to facilitate motor skills and cognitive skills of children with disabilities, especially Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Current Undergraduate Lab Research Assistants

  • Getty Sam
  • Nikki Dallas
  • Kelsey Kribs
  • Meghan Lloyd
  • Julia Jaske
  • Shae Stevens
  • Justine Distel
  • Abbey Bowen
  • Laura Whalen
  • Nicole Novak
  • Marie Camp
  • Kallie Jimmserson
  • Courtney Casper
  • Hannah Campbell
  • Neha Vallabhaneni
  • Kate Killman

Undergraduate Alumni

  • Olivia Wasilenski
  • Tori Smith
  • Sydney Alexander
  • Josie Boike
  • Anna Bradley
  • Alisha Coku
  • Olivia Hiltz
  • Mackenzie Jones
  • Jessica Kahn
  • Renee Lalone
  • Bri Rajala
  • Dominique Walker
  • Hannah Yacoub

Graduate Alumni

Chelsea Adkins