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Research in the MNL focuses on the interaction between the two hands during simultaneous movements. Current projects include

  • Force-dependent interference between hands during target-directed movements
  • EEG correlates of hand interference
  • Modulation of motor cortical excitability and inhibition during bimanual movements
  • Hand coordination in individuals with dystonia
  • We actively collaborate with the Cognitive Science Program in Psychology, the Department of Pharmacology, and the College of Engineering at MSU.

    Motor Neuroscience Lab Double Joystick Experiment Set-up
    Motor Neuroscience Lab TMS equipment set-up
    Our lab is equipped with a trakStar motion capture system, a 32-channel BrainVision EEG system, a wireless Delsys EMG system, and a Magstim paired-pulse TMS. We also have access to a Bkin bimanual endpoint Kinarm through the MOTRE lab here in the MSU Department of Kinesiology.