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Lab Director Florian Kagerer's Head-shot

Lab director Florian Kagerer is an associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology; he is also affiliated with the Neuroscience Program. His current research aims to integrate behavioral and neurophysiological methods to determine mechanisms underlying sensorimotor integration and adaptive cognitive-motor behavior. He is interested in motor behavior, particularly upper limb coordination, across the life span, studying adults as well as young populations. Currently he is collaborating with colleagues in Psychology, Engineering, Pharmacology/Toxicology, and Neurology. Contact him at

Graduate student Alex Brundfeldt's head shot

Alumnus: Alex T. Brunfeldt

  • BS in Kinesiology, University of Indiana
  • BS in Physics, University of Indiana
  • MS in Biomedical Engineering, Rutgers University
  • PhD in Kinesiology, Michigan State University ("Bimanual Interference in Parametric and Structural Learning")
  • Currently: Postdoc, Center for Clinical and Translational Science, Georgetown University Medical Center

  • Graduate student Phil Desrochers's head shot

    Alumnus: Phil C. Desrochers

  • BS in Psychology, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • PhD in Kinesiology, Michigan State University ("Bimanual interference and neuromotor control in healthy individuals and those with cervical dystonia")
  • Postdoc, Boston University
  • Currently: Scientist III - Physiological Systems, Charles River Analytics

  • Graduate student's David Ptashnik head shot

    Alumnus: David Ptashnik

  • BS in Kinesiology, Michigan State University
  • MS in Kinesiology, Michigan State University
  • Currently: Professional Research Assistant, School of Medicine, University of Colorado - Denver

  • Motor Neuroscience Lab Group Picture including undergraduate assistants

    The MNL team of graduate students and undergraduate assistants in pre-Covid-19 times.