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Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Advising and Guidance Committees

M.S. Program Requirements

Change of Status

Scholarships and Awards

  • Outstanding Doctoral Degree Student Award
    • Application Due Date: February 15th. Applicants must submit the following materials to the KIN Graduate Coordinator as email attachments (electronic copies facilitate the faculty vote).
    • Cover letter (one page maximum) describing the student’s intent to apply for the KIN Outstanding Doctoral Degree Student Award and highlighting the student’s most significant achievements. This letter must be co-signed by the student’s faculty advisor.
    • Resume that addresses all criteria for the award and that includes complete reference citations for presentations, publications, and grants.
    • Letter of support from a KIN faculty member.
  • KIN Research Fellowship
  • Fellowship Information Form

Travel Funding

Each KIN graduate student may apply for up to $200 per year to attend professional conferences or $400 per year if the student is making a presentation. You must be enrolled as an MSU student at the time of the travel to qualify. To apply for funding, submit the KIN Graduate Student Travel & Authorization Request Form with necessary attachments to the Graduate Studies Secretary (kingrad@msu.edu), in Room 27J IM Sports Circle. When submitting abstracts, please include the author names on the abstracts. Requests must be on file prior to traveling. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for an approval decision.

Council of Graduate Students (COGS)