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Department of Kinesiology

Center for Physical Activity and Health (CPAH)

The Center for Physical Activity and Health (CPAH) was founded in 2004 and is a collaboration between the Michigan State University Department of Kinesiology in the College of Education and the Department of Epidemiology in the College of Human Medicine. The mission of CPAH is to study the effect of physical activity on human health and well-being throughout the life span. Our aim is to position MSU as a leader for impacting the lives of Michigan and U.S. citizens in terms of appropriate physical activity intervention strategies.

Leader in Physical Activity & Health Research

Within CPAH there is a wide variety of research ongoing, particularly focused on the study of physical activity during pregnancy, physical activity in children and adolescents, and promotion of physical activity and exercise. The Human Energy Research Lab (HERL) is a laboratory within CPAH where students and faculty measure physical activity and fitness in a variety of populations, including MSU student athletes, pregnant women, children, and currently enrolled students in Kinesiology courses. In addition to research, CPAH is actively involved in engaging the MSU campus and East Lansing community in awareness of the importance of physical activity for maintenance and improvement of health. We participate in organizations and events including MSU Moves, Grandparents University, and the Exercise is Medicine on Campus initiative. We welcome collaborations within and outside of the MSU community. Explore our site to find out more!


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