Dr. Hoffman

Nicole Hoffman

Dr. Hoffman is an Assistant Professor and Licensed Athletic Trainer in the Department of Kinesiology, with a primary instructional focus on the professional Master of Science in Athletic Training program. Hoffman’s research interest and area of expertise surrounds post-concussion sleep and mental health and the influences on concussion recovery in young adults. Primary techniques include subjective questionnaires and wrist-worn actigraphy to capture both sleep quality and quantity. Notably, her expertise has gained the attention of the public, where her research was featured on the WTVP-TV Talk Show in Central Illinois. In 2022, she was an invited guest speaker for the NCAA-U.S. Department of Defense Grand Alliance Concussion Conference, which led to an NCAA feature aiming to educate clinicians, student-athletes, and coaches on the importance of improving sleep following concussion. Contact Dr. Hoffman at hoffm661@msu.edu.