Data Services and Support

Understanding and using educational data effectively is critical to improving instructional practices and enhancing student learning outcomes.

The Office of K-12 Outreach offers extensive data and evaluation services to teachers and school and central office administrators to improve and support their school turnaround efforts. K-12 Outreach can provide professional development, individual and group coaching, and the custom development of tools and materials that allow school and district personnel to make the best use of national, state, and local data sources and web-based educational resources to improve instruction. K-12 Outreach also offers expert support in developing, designing, and implementing turnaround plans, including program evaluation and action research.

In all its professional development endeavors, the goal of the K-12 Outreach data team is to show how the thoughtful and systematic use of data can promote professional dialogue and reflection and enhance instructional practice. The ultimate aim of such professional development is to build teacher and administrator capacity to use a variety of data for the continuous improvement of student learning outcomes.