Supporting Implementation and Impact

Developing and Implementing Evaluation and Action Research

The MSU Office of K-12 Outreach’s data team is experienced in the use of international, national, and state level educational data sets. They are trained in the use of both public and restricted use data and know and adhere to the laws (FERPA, HIPPA, DHHS, etc.) that govern data collected from human subjects, including minors. The team’s expertise in data analysis, evaluation, and research design enables them to help schools and districts develop and implement program evaluation and action research projects.

The team has experience and expertise in developing and refining:

  • Evaluation goals, objectives, logic models, etc.,
  • Surveys and other measures in a variety of formats, including web-based platforms such as Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, etc.,
  • Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method analysis strategies for the data collected, and
  • Practical research designs for action research at the district, school, or classroom level.

The data services team works seamlessly with the K-12 Outreach technology team to customize data, survey, and communication tools to automate routine data collection and provide quick turnaround of standard data analyses. Data services support can also include short- and long-term consultation on the design, development, and implementation of program evaluations and action research projects, with a dedicated team providing guidance through each phase of an evaluation or action research project.