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Office of Research Administration


Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training

Click above for information on RCR in the College of Education.


Clinical Research: 

Project Nature Definitions for Human Research

Clinical Research Definition Policy

Visio-CGA Updated Definitions

NIH Clinical Trial Definition


NSF Merit Review Criteria

Revisions to the NSF's Merit Review Criteria -January 2013


CED Faculty Panel October 2015 - NSF Review Process Video

On October 13, 2015 four senior faculty members in the College of Education (Joe Krajcik, Jack Smith, Bob Floden and Gail Richmond) with extensive and successful experience in applying for funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) came together to share their perspectives on the NSF grants making process.


NSF Nuts and Bolts Webinar September 2015

The NSF Nuts and Bolts webinar, hosted by CADRE and led by NSF Program Officer David Campbell, is designed to introduce DR K-12 awardees to the ins and outs of project management- including information on evaluation and reporting advisory boards, institutional Review Boards (IRB), NSF Highlights, and more.


Informational Webinar on DRK-12 Solicitation September 2015

This webinar, led by NSF program officer Karen King, provides information on the DRK-12 program and solicitation. CADRE, the resource network for DRK-12 grantees, hosted the webinar.

To hear the webinar recording, click here.


NSF Data Management Plan Requirements


Common Guidelines for Education Research and Development


April 2014 IES Researcher Guide:

Recognizing and conducting opportunistic experiments in education: a guide for policymakers and researchers


2014 NSF REAL Program Webinar Series Slides

Learn more about the National Science Foundation’s REAL Program.


Conflict of Interest

MSU's Conflict of Interest Policy can be found in the Faculty Handbook. A full chart of requirements can be found here. Investigators are required to complete a training program.The training is completed online by registering for the Financial Conflict of Interest (FDCOI) course on MSU's Non-credit Registration System. To get started on your training, click here.

Disclosures, which are reported in Kuali Coeus, are completed to be compliant with MSU, State of Michigan, and federal policy:

• Annual Disclosures are required to be submitted by all faculty and research staff;

• Project Disclosures are required to be submitted by all Investigators and Key   Personnel before a research proposal is submitted;
• Travel Disclosures are required to be submitted by Investigators and Key  Personnel on any U.S. Public Health Service funded project when they have completed any sponsored or reimbursed travel.

For a complete guide to Conflict of Interest, see the COI page.


Finding Academic Funding Electronically:

MSU Libraries offers access to the Foundation Directory Online. Access is only available from within the Main Library. For more information.


Human Subjects Training

Links to information on human subjects training at Michigan State University. For assistance, contact ORA.


Other Training and Resources...

Download ORA's presentation on NSF Changes in January 2013, Data Management, and reporting in

A list of FAQ's on NSF's website regarding Automated Compliance Checking in FastLane.

Download Facilities Boilerplate which includes a list of resources in the College of Education.