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List of Grant Opportunities

Know some of the major opportunities, basic requirements, and yearly deadlines. Think ahead. Familiarize yourself with the major grant cycles. Many deadlines only occur once a year!

View a list of selected opportunities based on stage in the doctoral program:







Fellowships & Training

Research Grants

Graduate Student Scholarships

International Research

Dissertation Data Collection

Dissertation Write-Up

Dissertation Awards

Postdoctoral Fellowships



Questions To Ask

Here are some questions to ask when you see a funding opportunity of interest:

  • How much money? Does the funding amount match your needs?
  • Am I eligible? Are you ready and do you meet the requirements? Read the guidelines carefully, then read them again. The guidelines will tell you about: submission deadlines, eligibility, requirements, proposal format (margins, spacing, maximum number of pages or words, etc.), evaluation process and criteria, award amount(s), whom to contact, etc.
  • Is there a fit? Do my research interests map to the sponsor's interests? Look for a list of projects previously funded through this specific grant program on the agency website; an annual report may also be available which will help you understand their mission and priorities. Be honest whether the funding announcement matches your research project.
  • Do I have time? Do you have time to prepare a competitive proprosal? Do not rush! Expect to wait 6-12 months before you receive funding. Factor this into your timeline. Note if the agency's website mentions # of applications and the # of awardees each year. Receiving a grant from Fulbright, NSF, or Spencer is prestigious, but competition for these grants is fierce.

Familiarize yourself with common terms and definitions.