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Office of Research Administration

Frequently Requested Information

Costs & Rates

MSU Specific Identification of Fringe Benefits
For more information about the MSU specific identification of fringe benefits.
MSU Facilities & Administrative (Indirect) Cost Rates
For more information about the MSU facilities and administrative (or indirect) cost rates. You may also view this video demonstration of facilities and administration cost calculations.
Cost Share or In-Kind Contributions
The College of Education does not contribute in Cost Share except in very rare circumstances. If an RFP requires cost share, please talk to your Chairperson and R. Sam Larson in the Dean's office as soon as possible. Click on the link above for more information about cost share or in-kind contributions.
Guidelines for Faculty Load
For more information about the College of Education's guidelines for faculty load.

Graduate Assistant Stipend & Fringe Benefits for all levels @ 50% & 25%
For more information on Graduate Student (GA) annual year salaries and fringe benefits.

Important Numbers & Information

What is MSU's Employer Identification Number (EIN) for DHHS/NIH?
What is MSU's NSF Organizational Code?
Frequently Required Budget and Proposal Data
For a comprehensive list of frequently required budget and proposal data.

Capacity & Compliance Statements

Data Management Plan
For assistance in developing a NSF Data Management plan.
MSU Office of Affirmative Action Compliance Statement (GEPA)
To read a copy of Michigan State's General Education Provision Act (GEPA) Statement.
PI Exceptions

Regular faculty members and research or fixed-term faculty employees of the University with a rank of assistant professor and higher may be identified as the sole or co-principal investigator on proposals seeking support for a sponsored research, education, or service project. Individuals holding other appointment titles, such as research associates, specialists, postdoctoral fellows, or visiting, adjunct and clinical faculty, normally may submit proposals only as co-investigators/key personnel with a regular MSU faculty member. Upon approval of the appropriate department chairperson, college-level research associate dean, and the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation, these non-regular faculty may serve as principal investigators or co-principal investigators. See full policy here. Read Request Recommendations for process in the College of Education.