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Teaching and Learning Chinese

Aligning with College of Education’s missions in leadership, scholarship, and service, we offer innovative programs and services to meet the rising demand for high-quality Chinese language and culture education worldwide. We primarily work to support K-12 education in the following capacity:

  • Offer high quality Chinese courses and learning experiences to both K-12 students and adults.
  • Conduct research on issues specific to teaching Chinese as a second language.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for both pre-service and in-service Chinese language teachers.
  • Develop new teaching resources for teachers and schools as well as provide consulting to existing teachers and school districts.
  • Organize outreach activities to promote Chinese culture and language.

Connect With Us

Tel: (517) 355-3801
Address: 620 Farm Lane, Rm 253, East Lansing, MI, 48823.

Online Chinese Courses

Chinese Language Tutoring

The Chinese Language Teacher Certification Program is offering free Chinese summer tutoring opportunities for grade K-12 students in 2024. All instructors are native Chinese speakers that will help your children achieve their goals in Chinese.

We are offering tutoring sessions online through Zoom. Registration is required. Please see the “how do I sign up” section for details.

At this time, registration for summer 2024 is not yet open. Parents are welcome to review the tutoring handbook and prepare forms and email forms to us as soon as the registration is open. Tutoring session sign-ups will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Professional Development for Chinese Language Teachers

We provide professional development, scholarly services, and academic support for Chinese language teachers in the U.S. through various workshops, conferences, and programs.