Literacy Education Course for Teacher Educators

The College of Education at Michigan State University is pleased to present this 30-hour Literacy Education professional development course for teacher educators in Indonesia. This intensive online professional learning course is designed to strengthen and enhance professional practice, engage participants in active learning, and transform literacy practices.

This course will explore the basis of literacy in education—one that is rooted in the importance of learning through meaningful engagement with literature (including children’s literature). Teacher educators will learn about the literacy processes and pedagogy involved in students’ literacy acquisition, teaching strategies and how to promote a culture of literacy in the classroom. Throughout the course, participants will be encouraged to identify challenges impacting both teacher preparation and teachers’ efforts to teach literacy in the classroom.

Course Format

This course will include a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. Much of the programming is asynchronous to allow participants to work around their own schedule constraints. Short videos and readings by MSU faculty will introduce each session. Participants will have the opportunity to interact on discussion boards and share their experiences and questions. These posts will prompt further videos and readings to address specific areas of interest, chosen by MSU facilitators.

A synchronous meeting will held each week and will provide opportunities for live discussions among participants and MSU faculty and graduate students. Each participant is expected to spend an estimated 3 hours on asynchronous work and 2 hours on synchronous meeting time for a total of 5 hours/week for six weeks. The culminating project will have participants create critical analysis of an aspect of literacy education in Indonesia and how they might revise their own teacher education curriculum to reflect principles learned through this course.

Course Sessions

Course Dates

This course will run from Monday, October 17th through November 30th.

Program Cost

$2,400 USD per participant

Meet our Course Facilitators & Coordinators

Dr. Samantha CaughlanCurriculum Coordinator of Global Education Engagement (MSU College of Education)

Dr. Samantha Caughlan is the Curriculum Coordinator for the College of Education’s Global Education Engagement program. Dr. Caughlan has coordinated curriculum and directed short-term training of international educator groups since 2015. Her previous projects and roles include: Coordinator for a two-week professional development program for faculty and instructors from Open University China: “Online Education to Meet the Needs of the Adult learner;” management of the Argentina Educators Training Program for teachers and principals, Fulbright of Argentina; and Director of PRESTASI, a USAID program for Indonesian teacher educators, where she was responsible for building strong connections between all program elements and leading the action plan thread as well as the M&E plan. Prior to this experience, she was faculty head of English language arts teacher preparation at two universities. She is widely published in the areas of teacher preparation, English education, and discourse analysis. Prior to earning her Ph.D., she was an English and theater teacher. In all of these endeavors, she has maintained a focus on assessment as a learning tool for teachers and students.

Dr. Lynn PaineAssociate Dean of International Studies and Professor of Teacher Education (MSU College of Education)

Lynn Paine is Associate Dean for International Studies in the College of Education. She also is a Professor of Teacher Education and affiliated faculty in MSU’s Asian Studies Center and the Center for Gender in Global Context. Her work focuses on teacher learning and development. Much of her scholarship has involved teaching and teacher education as well as the comparative study of teachers and has been supported by research in China, the United States, England, and other countries. She is interested in understanding teacher change in context and in support of local and global visions of reform. Dr. Paine’s work on learning in and from practice draws on her ongoing comparative research of teacher education, including her participation in a US Department of Education‐funded comparative study of mentored learning to teach and her co‐leadership of two US NSF-funded comparative case studies of policies and practices that support beginning teacher learning. Her current involvement as leader of the thematic working group developing a framework for future‐oriented teaching for the OECD’s Education and Skills 2030 will contribute to shaping the program. A secondary school teacher before she became a teacher educator, she has led international professional development for teacher educators and teachers from Indonesia, Argentina, Tanzania, China, and other countries. She is deeply committed to reciprocal learning in and through international professional development.

Dr. Nancy Romig – Associate Director of the Chinese Language Teacher Certification Program (MSU College of Education)

Dr. Nancy Romig earned a Ph.D. degree in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology from Michigan State University and is currently the Associate Director for the Chinese Language Teacher Certification Program at Michigan State University (CLTCP). She is responsible for coordinating the program, supporting students working towards teacher certification, facilitating teaching internships, teaching courses, and other program activities. Additionally, she facilitates Global Education Engagement Programs focusing on teacher education. Her research interests include teaching and learning, best practices in language teaching, immersion education, and integration of technology in language learning. Prior work experience includes 20 years as an elementary teacher, immersion specialist, and principal in an urban school district.

Dr. Isabella Tirtowalujo – Assistant Director of Asian Studies Center and Co‐Coordinator of AsiaNexus (MSU International Studies and Programs)

Isabella Tirtowalujo holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education from the MSU College of Education. Dr. Tirtowalujo is currently the Assistant Director of the Asian Studies Center at Michigan State University and a co‐coordinator of the AsiaNexus initiative, which seeks to serve as a platform to innovate partnerships, build network‐of‐networks toward innovating global solutions, develop global citizens, and generate global investments. Her own research explores issues of out‐of‐school children; rurality, youth, and schooling; and capacity development in the context of decentralization of education in Indonesia. Prior to joining the MSU Asian Studies Center, she worked in education development projects supporting central and local governments and development partners including UNICEF and the Asian Development Bank.

Contributing Faculty

Our programs are taught by faculty from MSU’s College of Education. Faculty are selected based on their areas of expertise.

Contact Information

Dr. Isabella Tirtowalujo (MSU)
WhatsApp: +62 812 1845 2634

Dr. Nancy Romig (MSU)
WhatsApp: +1-517-927-8192

Dr. Samantha Caughlan (MSU)
WhatsApp: +1 517 974 8081