The mission of the Office of International Studies in Education (OISE) is to promote understanding of K-12 and post-secondary institutions, policies, practices, and cultures in diverse educational contexts around the globe. The OISE encourages the integration of cross-cultural perspectives in teaching, research, and outreach, to prepare globally-conscious educators, researchers, policy makers, and citizens. The OISE supports Michigan State University’s land-grant mission to advance knowledge and transform lives by providing the knowledge and skills that enable our students and faculty to critically examine and apply solutions to challenging educational issues locally and globally: The OISE’s programs and outreach initiatives enable students, educators, and researchers to better meet the economic, environmental, social, and political challenges of our time.

Our Work

The OISE fulfills its mission in several ways. To increase understanding about important educational issues, the OISE provides support to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and international visiting scholars in their teaching, research, and service endeavors. Through collaboration with the Global Educators Cohort Program, the OISE provides opportunities for undergraduate students in the college to integrate international experiences into their teacher preparation program.  

At the graduate student level, the OISE provides international study abroad opportunities through the Fellowship to Enhance Global Understanding. OISE activities for both undergraduate and graduate students also include student-led symposia, brown bags and presentations about their learning from study abroad experiences and their international research. OISE works with the Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education (HALE) program to co-sponsor internationally focused student presentations.

The OISE supports faculty by identifying potential funding sources for internationally-focused research and programs and exploring collaborative institutional partnerships with educational institutions around the world. To highlight the scholarship of our faculty, OISE hosts an annual speaker series, which hosts leading scholars in education from MSU and other leading institutions.