Event: Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American/Asian Faculty Staff Association (APIDA) First Monthly Meeting

September 7, 2020

The Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American/Asian Faculty Staff Association who is comprised of APIDA faculty, staff and graduate students.  

We are excited to reach out to you today to share that we will be hosting our first Monthly Meeting for the 2020-2021 year on Wednesday, September 9 at 11AM EST.   

We’d love for you to join us! You can join the Zoom Meeting at: https://msu.zoom.us/j/850024395.

We will be starting the year off covering topics including the Chief Diversity Officer hiring process, advocacy efforts in regards to ensuring a safe environment and engaged environment for our students to limit isolation, recruitment and marketing.  

Our mission is:

  • To serve as a collective Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American/Asian (APIDA/A) voice on matters that impact the APIDA/A community at Michigan State University (MSU) 
  • To increase the representation and participation of APIDA/A at all levels of the university and aspects of its functioning 
  • To increase awareness amongst the greater university community as well as the APIDA/A community itself of issues and concerns that directly and indirectly impact the APIDA/A community 
  • To advocate on behalf of the APIDA/A Faculty and Staff at MSU 
  • To serve as a resource for APIDA/A and the overall MSU community of students, Faculty, Staff and Administrators 
  • To stand and work in solidarity with the Coalition on Racial Ethnic Minorities (CoREM) and other MSU affinity groups

If you would like to be more involved in APIDA/AFSA or to receive our weekly emails, please share your information with us through the following form: tinyurl.com/apidaafsainterest 

Join our brand new Facebook group to stay up to date with information and connect with others.

We hope you join us on Wednesday, September 9th for our Monthly Meeting! Please feel free to share this email and information with any fellow Faculty, Staff or Graduate Spartans who are a part of the APIDA community or who share in our mission.  


The APIDA/AFSA Leadership Board 

Ann Crain (she/her/hers), Co-Convener 

Joy Hannibal (she/her/hers), Co-Convener 

Ellen Moll (she/her/hers), Co-Convener 

Shreena Gandhi (she/her/hers), CoREM Representative 

Jonglim Han (she/her/hers), CoREM Representative 

Becky La (she/her/hers), Historian 

Ian Gallardo (he/him/his), Treasurer 

Jeffrey Tsang (he/him/his), APIDA Student Success Committee Chair 

Stephanie Ly (she/her/hers), Social Chair 

Brian Hercliff-Proffer (he/him/his), Communications Chair