CED in 3: Darice Brooks

September 18, 2023

Each week, we ask a member of the college grad student community to share 3 picks related to one of their passions. This week, Darice Brooks, a Kinesiology doctoral student, shares 3favorite local spots for maintaining health and wellness:

As a kinesiology student and ex-collegiate soccer and track and field athlete, finding ways to exercise is built into my daily routine. Knowing the consequences of minimal physical activity makes a lack of it hard to ignore. I have a few favorite spots, as you will, in the area that help me maintain my health and wellness:

  1. Running Trails: As I prepare for the Detroit International Half-Marathon, I frequent the trails in the area. The Lansing River Trail stems from Old Town to Downtown to REO Town, Potter Park Zoo and even gets to campus. It gives me reason to explore an area I am otherwise unaware of. I also enjoy running the trail out at Hawk Island Park. The sights are beautiful and the trail is flat — great for a speedy runner like myself.
  2. People’s Yoga: I never attended yoga until moving to the Lansing area. People’s Yoga changed this. Located in REO Town with a fantastic owner (Misty Belous), People’s Yoga has classes for anyone and everyone, from beginner to advanced yogis. I could not suggest this place more for a comfortable and accepting yoga experience. I personally attend the intermediate and core classes when I can. 
  3. SoccerZone/GLOS soccer: Being an ex-collegiate soccer athlete, I really missed the game when my time competing ended. Luckily there are so many opportunities to play in “for fun” and competitive leagues in the area. I’ve met some great friends and my significant other while playing the game I love thanks to the SoccerZone (indoor) and GLOS (outdoor) communities.

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