I have a master’s degree in Education and wish to earn certification in K-12 Administration by completing the 18-credit core administrative studies program at MSU. How should I apply for admission?

September 16, 2016

You should apply as a Lifelong Education (non-degree) student and answer “yes” to the question on the application that asks if credits will be applied toward certification as a teacher or K-12 administrator. This will result in your admission to MSU under a special non-degree status called “Graduate Certification” or “GC.” Lifelong Education/GC students are assessed at the Lifelong Education tuition rate (see the MSU Tuition, Fees and Housing Calculator). There are no additional fees associated with this status, which minimizes cost (out-of-state rates still apply and international students still pay an additional fee); however, Lifelong Education/GC students are not eligible for most sources of financial aid. Graduate Certification students enrolled at least half-time may be eligible for need-based grants and loans (through FAFSA). If you contemplate subsequent admission to a graduate degree program, you should be aware that MSU allows no more than 9 Lifelong Education credits to be applied to a graduate degree. In the College of Education, a combination of no more than 9 or 12 (depending on the particular graduate program) transfer credits, Lifelong Education credits, and/or credits earned at the GC level can be applied to a graduate degree.