I am an elementary teacher and wish to add a secondary level endorsement to my certificate. What does that require?

September 16, 2016

Teachers who wish to add a secondary level endorsement to their elementary certificate through MSU must complete a certification program that meets Michigan Department of Education (MDE) requirements for secondary certification. Requirements include the following:

  • An certification plan that includes a minimum of 20 semester credits taken after initial certification
  • A teaching major approved for secondary certification; MDE standards require a minimum of 30 semester credits for a major
  • A technology course or demonstrated technology proficiency
  • A subject-specific methods/pedagogy course appropriate for the secondary teaching major
  • Six semester credits of literacy coursework appropriate for secondary certification (at MSU, the approved courses are TE 843 and TE 846)
  • Six semester hours of directed teaching (TE 894) at the secondary level (or meet the MDE guidelines for a waiver; see below)
  • A passing score on the appropriate Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) subject test

Please see New Level Endorsements for more information.  A plan for adding a new level endorsement must have prior approval from a certification advisor and be on file in 134 Erickson Hall.