Becoming a Michigan EPFP Fellow

The Michigan Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) is a leadership development program providing ten months of training activities to mid-career professionals involved in policy-making in education and human services. Through program activities, Fellows gain knowledge and information on policy design and implementation at the local, state, and national levels. Fellows also develop a network of professional contacts from other organizations and institutions which influence public policy. The EPFP stresses individual leadership development, allowing Fellows to gain insights about knowledgeable and skillful leaders.

The Education Policy Fellowship Program has five major goals:

  1. Prepare individuals to deal effectively with the people, processes, institutions, and organizations that shape public policy;
  2. Create opportunities for policy-level professionals to interact and share information about issues and best practices;
  3. Nurture ongoing communications between leaders in education and leaders in other sectors;
  4. Enhance individual capacity to work effectively in collaborative settings; and
  5. Build networks of diverse professionals.

Each person’s employing agency–the sponsor–pays the base program fee of $2,800, travel costs, and any special site-specific programming fees. In addition, the employer provides release time for on-site and national activities. An invoice for program fees will be sent once your application has been accepted.

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