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Michigan Education Policy Fellowship Program, now over 40 years running, prepares fellows to lead change in the state.
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Education Policy Fellowship Program

The Global EPFP is designed to provide GEPFP Senior Fellows with the opportunity to study policy in the Age of Globalization by investigating education policy challenges in economically developed and developing countries. Across cultures, political leaders and policy makers are preparing initiatives to ensure that their countries will remain competitive in a global economy.

What implications will a global economy have on education policy in the United States? Should high schools, community colleges and universities revise their programs and services in order to prepare young people to be successful in work places that are evolving as technology’s influence become increasingly pervasive? What does it mean to be “career ready” in the 21st Century?

The Global EPFP engages participating Senior Policy Fellows in conversations about these and related questions with policy makers, educators, private sector leaders and others in the countries selected to better understand the changing global education policy landscape. Through a series of assigned readings, online synchronous meetings and a highly-focused in-country field study, the Senior Fellows gain insights into global policy challenges, develop new network contacts and experience new cultures.

Program goals


Develop greater awareness of how other countries prepare young people for a globally interconnected economy


Develop a multi-cultural perspective on U.S. effort’s to ensure its schools are globally competitive


Observe and engage with leaders shaping school reform efforts


Establish relationships with global education policy leaders

Program History

  • 2011 and 2012 Field Experience to Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai, China
  • 2013 Field Experience to London, Cambridge and Oxford, England
  • 2015 Field Experience to Thimphu and Paro, Bhutan
  • 2016 Field Experience to Bangalore, Delhi and Agra, India
  • 2017 Field Experience to Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu and Shanghai, China
  • 2018 Field Experience to Baden-Württemberg, Germany and Zürich, Switzerland
  • 2021 Field Experience to Iceland (Program Description, Photo)

Program Format

  • Monthly Conference Calls – Pre-departure orientation and briefings
  • 10-Day International Field Experience
    • A blend of academic, business and cultural experiences
  • Post-trip reflections and evaluation
  • Background readings and discussions
  • Optional Policy Project