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Charters and Choice

EPC faculty associate Scott Imberman has investigated the effects of charter school openings on residential property values. His working paper, Capitalization of Charter Schools into Residential Property Values, joins the works of several other EPC faculty associates who have written on issues involving two of the predominant education reforms over the past several years: choice and charters.

Imberman and MSU doctoral students Michael Naretta and Margaret O'Rourke analyzed four years of sale price data in Los Angeles County to estimate the neighborhood-level impact of charter schools on housing prices. They found little evidence that the availability of charter schools affect housing prices on average. However, they did find that housing prices outside Los Angeles Unified School District fall in response to an increase in nearby charter penetration when looking at charter schools located in the same school district as the household.


Imberman's working paper joins those of colleagues Sarah Reckhow and David Arsen. Reckhow investigated how policy cues and ideology affect people’s attitudes toward charter schools. She found that public opinion on charter schools can be influenced by the language used by advocates on either side of the issue. Arsen compared administrative overhead in charter and traditional public schools, and has written previously with others on school choice policies.


EPC faculty associate Joshua Cowen has published extensively on school choice and vouchers, including empirical work from the nation’s oldest urban voucher program in Milwaukee.


The Education Policy Center and its faculty associates are a reliable source of research-based information on charter schools and school choice policies, as well as on other important education policy issues such as educator evaluation methods, state and national curriculum standards, and national and international comparisons of teacher preparation programs,


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