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Educational Administration Research

HALE Graduate Research Colloquium

The Department of Educational Administration annually hosts the Graduate Research Colloquium (GRC).  The GRC features research projects and scholarly activity conducted by current students in the Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education Ph.D., M.A., and Student Affairs Administration Master’s program.  As a community of scholars, the GRC provides an opportunity for students to gather once a year to present their research projects and highlights from their academic and professional development.

K-12 Educational Administration Graduate Research Colloquium

In 2010 and 2011, the Michigan Association of Professors of Educational Administration (MAPEA) and K-12 Educational Administration co-sponsored a doctoral research symposium intended to provide an arena for educational administration faculty and professionals, together with specialist and doctoral students to engage in conversation around cutting edge issues in the field. Opportunities for students include presenting a paper or research project, a poster, or hosting a round table discussion. The 2011-12 MAPEA Symposium will be hosted by Grand Valley State University.

Dissertation Abstracts

The Educational Administration Department is pleased to present a compilation of Dissertation Abstracts from the HALE PhD and K-12 Educational Administration PhD programs. These abstracts represent the rich and dynamic community of scholars in EAD. The research presented reflects the wide range topics that emerge from a local as well as global perspective on postsecondary education and K-12 educational leadership. In reviewing these abstracts we hope you will learn about the interesting research that goes on in the EAD doctoral programs.

HALE Abstracts | K-12 Abstracts

Graduate Student Conference Support

The Department of Educational Administration encourages students to present their work at scholarly and professional conferences. Students who are attending conferences have the opportunity to request monetary support. A list of papers and presentations from the recent academic year is provided to showcase our students’ current research.

Faculty Research

Educational Administration faculty is a group of active scholars and researchers, addressing critical issues across the Pre-K-20 educational spectrum domestically and internationally. While contributing to theory and new knowledge, faculty research also seeks to inform policy and decision makers, and to improve practice. Our work, therefore, is disseminated in a wide array of venues including books, top-tier scholarly journals such as Educational Administrative Quarterly, The Review of Higher Education, and the Journal of College Student Development, broadly distributed practitioner-oriented journals and publications, policy briefs, monographs, technical reports. The faculty is also actively involved in scholarly and professional associations at the state, regional, national and international levels as conference session contributors and proposal reviewers, association leaders, and editorial board members.

HALE Faculty Research | K-12 Faculty Research