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Department of Educational Administration

Educational Administration


Focus on Urban Education

The College of Education at Michigan State University works to create better educational opportunities for all people, especially those living in the most under-resourced areas of our state and nation. That is why the faculty recognizes a special imperative to support and address the challenges facing schools in urban settings.

The college has a record of successful partnerships in service to urban students and educators, and many efforts have been designed to help teachers and researchers gain the knowledge and experiences needed to affect positive change in urban contexts.

International Engagement

Recognizing that we are entering into a world of borderless higher education, where transnational knowledge flows are commonplace and necessary, the EAD faculty are actively engaging their students in the pursuit of worldwide education for the purpose of producing the next generation of world class scholars. Whether undertaking international research, sharing expertise with international peers, intentionally diversifying the EAD community with international scholars and students, leading educational experiences for MSU students in diverse international contexts, or serving the needs of educators, administrators, and policy makers worldwide, the EAD faculty is carrying out the call to live up to the world-grant ideal within the land-grant tradition.

Raines Colloquium

The Raines Colloquium hosts distinguished scholars and practitioners within student affairs, adult education, and higher education for a series of lectures and discussions with students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The Raines Colloquium honors the significant contributions of Emeritus Professor Max Raines to the department, the college, the university, and the field of student affairs in higher education.

Erickson Chair

The Mildred B. Erickson Distinguished Chair in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education enhances scholarship and supports activities consistent with the values and ideals of Dr. Mildred Erickson.

Graduate Learning Experiences and Outcomes(GLEO)

The Graduate Learning Experiences and Outcomes: The Landscape of Graduate Study Abroad (GLEO) project focuses on better understanding the content, nature and outcomes of graduate level study abroad.

Featherstone Society

The Featherstone Society unites educational leaders and friends of Dick Featherstone for the purpose of honoring and perpetuating his personal and professional example.

Office of K-12 Outreach

The Office of K-12 Outreach serves as an accelerator, pivot point, and thought leader for initiatives that are changing the future of teaching and learning. Through a solid and well-executed portfolio of work, K-12 Outreach makes strategic use of its intellectual and funding resources. Working at the forefront of academic and leadership development, MSU supports numerous activities with high-quality research, knowledge, and support. Let us show you what we’re working on now.