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Our Students

The SAA MA Program has two cohorts of graduate students (commonly referred to as the first-year cohort and the second-year cohort). At any given time, there are 30–40 SAA MA students enrolled in the program between both cohorts. Each incoming class brings together an experientially diverse group of 15–20 students. Students take seven core courses together, hold graduate assistantships in a range of functional areas, and can participate in the Student Affairs Graduate Association (SAGA), a student-led organization that hosts a number of professional and social activities throughout the academic year for SAA MA students.

Our students come to the SAA MA Program from all over the United States and the world. They bring diverse perspectives, have experience in different functional areas of student affairs and higher education, range in career aspirations, and take part in various professional, academic, and social organizations related to their identities and interests. The SAA MA Program is honored to be a part of the educational journeys of these future student affairs professionals.

Meet Our Students!

Click on the profile names below to learn about some of our first- and second-year students and their experiences with the SAA MA Program.

First-Year Cohort

Second-Year Cohort