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Doctorate in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education

The highly ranked Ph.D. program in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education (HALE) offers core, elective, research and methods courses to prepare its graduates to be leading scholars, researchers and practitioners within the higher education sector, both domestically and internationally. In addition to these courses, a combination of experiencesincluding seminars, independent studies and international study abroad opportunities complement students’ learning.

With an innovative curriculum that integrates policy and international scholarship and experiences, the HALE program begins with foundational courses in the following areas: Organization and Administration in Postsecondary Education; Teaching, Learning and Curriculum in Postsecondary Education; Policy Development and Analysis in Postsecondary Education; and Students in Postsecondary Education. The program provides students the opportunity to pursue a specialized course of study through elective, research and methods courses, as well as several intellectual hallmarks that include dissertations, where students can pursue research questions of interest.


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HALE PhD Admissions Information for Prospective Students Brochure or contact us at to receive more information.  

HALE Doctoral Program Handbook