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The Richard Stiggins Endowment in Classroom Assessment

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The primary purpose of the endowment is to advance the college's and the nation's understanding of how to assure and how to provide high-quality pre-service preparation in classroom assessment for teacher candidates.  A secondary purpose is to advance understanding of how to build pre-service training in assessment for those enrolled in leadership preparation programs.  In this context, priority work should include the following:

  • Research on the barriers that have kept this content from becoming a regular part of these pre-service curricula in the past.
  • Development and field testing strategies and tactics for removing those barriers.
  • The presentation of conferences, seminars, and other similar events to bring visibility to the need for improved pre-service assessment training for teacher and administrator candidates.
    It is the Donors hope that the MSU College of Education will become the national and international thought leader on the improvement of pre-service educator training in assessment and that the College will earn that recognition with much needed breakthrough research and development in this arena.
  • At a minimum, the Endowment will support a research fund to provide awards for faculty members in the College of Education at Michigan State University to be known as The Richard Stiggins Award in Classroom Assessment (“Award”).