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Angeline Buckwick Endowed Scholarship

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About Angeline Buckwick


Angeline Buckwick, BA’53, MA’58 graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Elementary Education from the College of Education. Ms. Buckwick died February 12, 1995 and left a bequest initially funding the Angeline Buckwick Endowed Scholarship.

According to her family, Angeline Buckwick was a teacher right from the start. She taught her three younger siblings both classroom and life lessons. She was the first in her family to attend college, and she worked hard to pay her way. After graduating in 1953, Ms. Buckwick accepted a position with the Lansing Public Schools, where she stayed for her entire career.

Her students and co-workers loved Angie. Her principal remarked, "She was an outstanding first grade reading teacher and was a pleasure to have on the staff as she was always cooperative and helpful."

Angie was active outside the classroom as well, and used these activities as opportunities to broaden her students’ view of the world. One of her favoritethings to do was to take her children on field trips to the 4-H Children’s Garden at MSU. She would also take a couple of children with her each time she attended an MSU Travelogue program.

A former student of Angie’s shares her memories: "Ms. Angie Buckwick was everything a teacher should be. She was at once gentle and firm. She taught with passion and compassion. My mind still holds snippets of lessons and stories, poems and songs, activities and philosophy put there by Ms. Buckwick. Her impact on my life is beyond measure. At a time when people are quick to criticize teachers and schools, we would do well to remember the example of Miss Buckwick."

When Angie died suddenly in 1995, her will stipulated that money was to go to MSU to support scholarships for future teachers. Thus, the Angeline Buckwick Endowed Scholarship in Elementary Education was created. To date, five students have benefited from the scholarship.

A bench in the 4-H Garden bears a quote that exemplifies Angie’s philosophy of teaching and captures her legacy. "You must do something to make the world more beautiful." Angeline Buckwick did that every day she taught.

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