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STEM centers, like the CREATE4STEM Institute, play a vital role in education research. Every research project requires it’s own unique elements of support. This may include: administrative roles, financial and legal experts, computer and technology support, data storage, office space, and much much more. These infrastructure expenses can pose a huge burden for smaller grants with limited funding.

CESE is one of many projects branching from the CREATE4STEM Institute. The existence of this larger institute allows funding from smaller projects to be dedicated to the actual research and alleviates some of the expenses that might be prohibitive to smaller projects. The CREATE4STEM legal team helps to create non-disclosure agreements, consent forms, and data agreements. Their offices provide space for meetings, seminars, and conferences. Their technology support team manages a large portion of the CESE data. All which is clear evidence of how a larger STEM Institute can provide a centralized scaffolding for a wide variety of research grants to reduce costs for ALL projects.

Another important benefit arising from the existence of central office, is the encouragement of research collaborations that might not occur otherwise. CESE was connected to the Automated Analysis of Constructed Response (AACR) team at MSU through our association with CREATE4STEM Institute. Because of this, we are able to explore ways to reduce costs for large scale research projects through the use of machine learning even though the focus of our research is intervention. Collaborative efforts such as these can be of great benefit to education research.

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