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Crafting Engagement for Science Environments

Welcome to Crafting Engagement for Science Environments!

Crafting Engagement for Science Environments, CESE, revolutionizes the way students learn science in high school physics and chemistry classrooms.

Our researchers at MSU and the CREATE4STEM Institute develop and use project-based, NGSS aligned science curricula to engage learners in physics and chemistry classrooms around the world. Researchers in U.S. and Finland use a holistic approach to understand how students actually engage and learn science.

Our investigations into project-based learning, engagement, growth-mindset, and social and emotional learning bring amazing opportunities to students in traditionally underserved communities. Students develop scientific reasoning through experiential learning practices aligned with the NGSS.

While many approaches to science learning are still based on what was being taught decades ago, our phenomena driven activities teach complex scientific concepts as well as how to model them using computers and other technology. Most importantly, our model is scalable and sustainable. By providing our teachers with in-depth professional learning and highly developed curricula, we equip them to share these new practices with future classes year after year.

To learn more about us and why our project matters, listen to this podcast from Co-Principal Investigator Joe Krajcik.

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Open Source Curriculum Materials

We are in the process of opening our curriculum materials to the public as we develop online and hybrid content. The exact date has not yet been determined. Check back here for updates.

Learning Science

Our recent publication, Learning Science, is an innovative, internationally developed system to help advance science learning and instruction for high school students.