Issue 1 – October 2014 (PDF)

Issue 2 – December 2014 (PDF)

Issue 3 – February 2015 (PDF)

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Issue 5 – August 2015 (PDF)

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About Teaching Chinese in International Contexts

Teaching Chinese in International Contexts (TCIC) is an e-magazine published every other month by the Confucius Institute at Michigan State University. It is aimed at educators who are teaching Chinese language and culture in various institutions outside of China, including Confucius Institutes and Chinese schools. TCIC aims to improve the teaching skills of Chinese teachers as part of a wider promotion of the Chinese language and Chinese culture.

TCIC serves university faculty, teachers, administrators and community educators and published papers focusing on theories and practices of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, cross-cultural teaching, teaching strategies and approaches to teaching students with different needs. TCIC also serves as a forum in which Chinese teachers can exchange ideas, and share successes and challenges they have experienced while teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

The main content of each issue of the magazine is divided into four sections: Frontline Report, Research Column, Teaching World and Technology & Resources. The Frontline Report contains news from different sources about Chinese language learning and related issues, and reports about activities related to Chinese teaching or Chinese culture promotion. The Research Column includes original academic articles related to theory and practice of teaching Chinese internationally, guided reading on recent academic articles, and expert interviews. The Teaching World column includes expert interviews as well as articles related to the theory and practice of teaching Chinese internationally, teaching strategies, teaching policies, case studies, and so forth. Teacher Logs is a platform for teachers to share their teaching experience and communicate with each other: introducing teaching strategies or case studies, sharing cross-cultural experiences, successes and challenges, or personal professional development. Lastly, in Technology & Resources, we explore new technologies or teaching resources related to teaching Chinese as a foreign language.