Chinese Culture Exploration and Appreciation Series

Chinese Cultural Appreciation is a product composed of a series of published videos and accompanying teaching materials that were jointly developed by CI-MSU and its Chinese partner OUC (the Open University of China). The published video series, titled “Exploring Chinese Culture,” includes 45 episodes of videos in two volumes. Along with the accompanied teaching materials designed for each episode, this product is tailored to teachers and students from U.S. K-12 schools. By engaging in each well-crafted dynamic and reflective activity in multimedia format, students will be exposed to and experiencing enacted cultural meanings of customs, art, music, philosophy and language. The product can serve as a toolkit to cultural exploration curriculum and be used in social study class, language and culture class and any enrichment class. The teaching materials can also be used without the video series.

Below is the content of the 45 episodes of the videos included in two volumes of DVD publications:

Volume 1 Volume 2
1. Chinese Traditional Festivals
1) Spring Festival
2) Lantern Festival
3) Mid-Autumn Festival
1. Traditional Festivals
1) Qingming Festival
2) Duanwu Festival
3) Chongyang Festival
2. Chinese Arts
1) Beijing Opera
2) Chinese Gardens

2. Chinese Arts
1) Chinese Painting
2) Chinese Calligraphy
3) Chinese Seals
3. Living in China
1) Dinner Etiquette
2) Tea Culture 3) Chinese Style Clothing  
3. Living in China
1) Hutong & Siheyuan
2) Toys and Dolls
3) Chopsticks
4) Greeting Etiquettes
5) One Day of the Pupils
4. Chinese Folk Arts
1) Paper Cut
2) Cloisonne
4. Chinese Culture Symbols
1) Printing
2) Lanterns
5. Chinese Folk Sports
1) Chinese Yo-yo
2) Martial Arts – Chinese Boxing
5. Tourism Highlights
1) The Great Wall
2) The Forbidden City
3) Great Buddha Statue at Leshan
6. Traditional Customs
1) Birthday Conventions
2) Zodiac Animal
3) Chinese Dragon
6. Folk Arts
1) Chinese Knots
2) Shadow Play
3) Chinese Embroidery
4) Dough Sculpture
5) New Year Paintings
7. Chinese Culture Symbols
1) Four Treasures of Study
2) Chinese Characters
7. Folk Sports
1) Jianzi
2) Chinese Kites
3) Martial Arts – Chinese Weapons
4) Yanggo Dance
8. Tourism Highlights
1) Terracota Army
2) The Ancient City of Pingyao
3) The Potala Palace

As a preview of the product, please see the sample episode of Chinese Calligraphy.

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