China Panorama Series

The China Panorama series is published by China Central Radio and TV University, Audio & Visual Press of China Central Radio & TV University. It consists of six series:

  • Phonetic Introduction
  • Approaching Chinese
  • Intermediate Chinese
  • Chinese for Tourism
  • Chinese for Business
  • Let’s Enjoy Chinese

Phonetic Introduction

Chinese Phonetic Introduction is the absolute necessary stepping stone for learning Chinese. Practicability is what features this program:

  • With overseas learners of Chinese as the target users, a systematic teaching of pinyin is given respecting initials, finals, tones as well as its spelling
  • A complete English explanation is applied to depict how and where the initials and finals of pinyin are enunciated physically. Moreover, such sounds are not only demonstrated by voice but also cartoon pictures
  • Cartoons are employed to display syllable and word combination procedures and facilitate similar sound comparisons and contracts, reinforced by the demonstration reading. Appropriate intervals are left for learners to repeat and follow up
  • Dialogues are en facto pragmatic situational scenes which encompass focuses of learning in each episode. Baldness of syllables and words detailing could be thereby rendered into useful conversations for students.

Approaching Chinese

The Approaching Chinese series (the beginner level) guides learners step-by-step, starting with the teaching of basic vocabulary, phrases and grammar. Each phrase comes with several scenarios common in Chinese culture.

  • Meant for the zero level beginners
  • Teaching above 1,000 words, 200 syntax patterns and 3000 useful sentences
  • Enabling the student to achieve actual daily life communication in modern Chinese
  • Living people, and lively plots that evolve around a contemporary Chinese girl in the context of her family, life, work, love
  • Natural, spontaneous, practical contemporary spoken Chinese
  • Near to the normal Chinese speaking velocity in actual life
  • All explanations given in English
  • More than 3,000 sentences, including samples and exercises all framed within certain situations with strong functional orientations
  • Phonetic exercises deliberately designed for American and European learners
  • Revelations of culture subtleties as hidden behind the linguistic phenomena of Chinese

Intermediate Chinese

The Intermediate Level sets different vignettes in everyday Chinese life, and follows with detailed explanations of vocabulary, usage, grammar and sentence structures. This series is good for learners learning Chinese in non-Chinese speaking countries, because students will grasp how to use phrases and how to communicate in different situations.

  • As the follow-up of Chinese Panorama: Approaching Chinese, you must have command of well above 1,000 basic Chinese words, as well as the primary grammar
  • The scenes are adopted from the daily life of foreigners in China
  • Vivid and amusing conversations are threaded by various social aspects
  • Textual contents are explained in both Chinese and English, free of much grammatical terminology; by way of simulating the model patterns, language comprehension and proficiency become easier.
  • The many exercises to follow the text are arranged for easy comprehension recital

Chinese for Tourism

Chinese for Tourism is organized this way: a scenario, new words and expressions, a story and reading comprehension checks, all appropriate for tourists. This series not only immerse learners into more advanced language, but also surrounds them with Chinese traditions, and popular tourist sites. This series is a must to watch and learn if you plan to visit China for tourism.

  • It’s suitable for intermediate (or higher) level learners of Chinese
  • The tourist attractions or cultural sites of famous places such as Beijing, xi’an, Luoyang, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guilin, Chengdu, Lhasa, etc.
  • The host not only guides you to visit the natural scenery or cultural relics, but language points are also expounded
  • It can make you learn the information on natural conditions, social customs, history and folklore
  • This unique feature makes learning Chinese part of a process to comprehend the vast cultural and geographic context of China

Chinese for Business

Chinese for Business is organized this way: a scenario, new words and expressions, a story, and reading comprehension checks, all appropriate for picking up business skills. This series not only immerse learners into more advanced language, but also surrounds you with and culturally sensitive business strategies. This series is a must to watch if you plan to visit China on a business trip.

  • This 50-unit course is ideal for intermediate and advanced learners of Chinese
  • Specially designed for foreigners doing business in China, the course teaches some practical expressions in international business and trade
  • The course evolves around the growth of a foreign business in China and introduces the country’s business environment, business policy and business practices
  • While painting a vivid picture of the life of average Chinese and making cross-cultural comparisons, the course serves as a valuable reference book for international trade and transnational business operation
  • You will be able to learn idiomatic spoken Chinese while enjoying an intriguing plot

Let’s Enjoy Chinese

Let’s Enjoy Chinese series specially introduce the structures of Chinese characters and offer learners’ tools enabling them to further learn formally or pick up Chinese casually. Enjoy this beautiful, melodic and pictographic language.

  • Presents the features of strokes and teaches on their recognition and writing
  • By studying a few characters which contain such strokes, learners will comprehend what are the positions of them and how they function in different characters to gain a more profound understanding of strokes
  • Consults to cartoon depictions for the illustration of Chinese character writing essentials and strokes construction; consequently, learners could have a more enhanced insight into the generality of Chinese characters
  • Explains such fringe knowledge on Chinese characters as derivations, sequence of stroke composition, component configuration, stroke and component transformation, the traditional and simplified forms, etc.
  • The purpose of this program is to free the students from the depressing mentality that tend to be aroused when staring with the written Chinese; with its help, they will really feel how easy and interesting it might be to command Chinese

Chinese for Children

A Creative Learning Program for Children is a creative and appealing Chinese language learning program for children five (5) years of age and above. It presents lessons in the form of a story that kids will love to watch again and again. Doudou and her family have just moved into a new apartment, where they meet new friends like Lele and his grandmother (Nainai). While settling in, Doudou discovers a lost pet turtle. As this engaging story unfolds, children will learn words and phrases for greetings, family members, household items, play, health and more, all in a real environment with a relatable story. The use of repetition, through storytelling and animated introductions, helps to improve word and tone mastery. This series is made up of 15 lessons, which are 10 to 15 minutes in length. Each lesson contains two parts an original story segment, and a repetition of the previous story with expanded vocabulary and narrative.