CI-MSU Online Chinese Course 1A-4B

What is the CI-MSU Online Chinese Program?

Cooperating with the Michigan Virtual (MV), a non-profit online education and training corporation funded by the Michigan Legislature in July 2000, CI-MSU offers online Chinese courses to secondary school students using its interactive teaching methods, highly qualified instructors of native speakers of Chinese and the interactive eTextbook Chinese Your Way.

Why Learn Chinese Online?

  • Online courses allow you to complete your assignments at a time and location convenient for you.
  • Courses taught online provide opportunities for student-centered learning.
  • Help and support is available to you through online connections.

Students’ Testimonials

Here is Rachel’s story about our online Chinese program.

In addition, we provide opportunities for our students to apply for scholarships that give them the opportunity to further their Chinese language education beyond the classroom and online. We are proud to announce that several students in our online Chinese courses have been granted scholarships for their exceptional work and interest in studying the Chinese language.

  • Paul Simpson, 1B Chinese student
    • NSLI-Y (The US Department of State through the National Initiative for Youth) Scholarship to study Chinese language in China for 6 weeks in summer 2010
  • Joshua Trowbridge, 3A Chinese student
  • Ploypailin Intarawut, 2B Chinese student
    • $3000 video-blog scholarship by AFS-USA Intercultural Program and NSLI-Y (The US Department of State through the National Initiative for Youth) Scholarship to study Chinese language as an exchange student in China for the academic year of 2011-2012

What Online Chinese Courses Are Offered?

Currently, CI-MSU offers Mandarin Chinese 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, AP (A & B) courses through the Michigan Virtual School. These courses start at the novice level and continue to the AP-level courses.

What Are Our Online Course Formats?

Our online courses consist of both students self-studying the interactive daily learning tasks and students attending weekly synchronous lab sessions to elaborate on and clarify their independent learning experience. The course format is (a) four-day self-study and submission of daily assignments to Blackboard (Learning Management System) and (b) one mandatory lab session (synchronous) which is taught by highly qualified instructors who are native speakers of Chinese. Thus, the courses capitalize on the advantages of both the technologies and human instructors for language learning.

There are specific technology requirements for successful online learning. To learn more about the Chinese online courses, please visit Michigan Virtual Courses website for details.

How Do I Know Which Level I Should Enroll?

To better determine the appropriate course and proficiency level, please try one of our online placement tests bellow:

Chinese 1BChinese 2AChinese 2BChinese 3AChinese 3BChinese 4AChinese 4B

How Should I Enroll for the Courses?

To enroll for the online Chinese courses, please visit Michigan Virtual website for detailed instruction.