Financial Information

Doctoral Funding

Doctoral students are considered for funding at the time of application for admission. No separate application is required; read more. Please visit the College of Education financial resources page for additional information.

Graduate Assistantships


External Funding Sources

  • APA Psychology Research Funding Bulletin

Educational Specialist Funding

HI2LD Fellowship

Read about the new fellowship opportunity in the College of Education. The fellowship—Hybrid Interdisciplinary Training to Address High Intensity Needs for Students with Learning Disabilities, or Project Hi2LD—provides over 2 years of in-state tuition (plus funds for travel and technology) for individuals to earn their M.A. and Ed.S. degrees in school psychology.

School Psychology Apprenticeship

The Ed.S. program faculty have partnered with local school districts to develop school psychology apprenticeship positions. In these positions, students work in K-12 schools doing school psychology-related work for pay, typically $15 to $25 per hour. These positions are supervised and aligned with well aligned with graduate training.