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Funding Opportunities

Students in the MQM Program hold a variety of positions within the College of Education and in other programs at MSU. For more information, see the College of Education Financial Resources for Students page

Graduate Assistants

Generally, there are two options for employment at MSU—Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships—as well as other employment opportunities outside of MSU. Teaching assistantships are typically assigned to students who have been at MSU for at least one year and have satisfied the English language requirement. International students must receive a 45 on the SPEAK test, and preference will be given to those who receive a score of 50 or higher. Details can be found on the MSU Teaching Assistant Program website. Research assistantships are assigned to students at all levels of preparation, and those assignments depend on the match of the student’s experience to the researcher’s needs. Students in MQM are in demand in the College of Education as well as in other departments on campus (e.g., Sociology, Nursing, Epidemiology, etc.) and off campus (e.g., in the MEAP office).

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MQM students also are granted fellowships at the University, College, or Department levels. There are several types of University fellowships (described on the MSU financial aid website), and MQM students have been awarded some of these fellowships in recent years. In addition, the College of Education makes awards (based primarily on academic merit) to incoming students each year, and several of these awards are granted to first-year students who submit applications for fall admission prior to February of each year. Finally, there are two fellowships routinely awarded to MQM students based on academic performance–the Walker Hill Fellowship and the Ebel Fellowship. These fellowships as well as the College of Education fellowships are typically awarded in conjunction with a research or teaching assistantship. For more information, visit the College of Education Fellowships page