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Core Courses

All of the following courses are degree requirements.

CEP 900
(Dept Req)
CEP 921Psychometric Theory I3
CEP 923Item Response Theory3CEP 921
CEP 930
(Dept Req)
Inquiry in Education3
CEP 932Quantitative Methods I3
CEP 933Quantitative Methods II3CEP 932
CEP 934Multivariate Statistics4CEP 933
CEP 935Hierarchical Linear Models4CEP 934
CEP 995Research Apprenticeship1-3

Concentration – Choice of Focus

Measurement Focus

Required course:

CEP 922Psychometric Theory II3
CEP 982Test Security and Data Forensics3

Quantitative/Statistics Methods Focus

Required course:

STT 861Theory of Probability & Statistics I3
STT 862Theory of Probability & Statistics II3

Cognate Specialization

The cognate is an area outside of the required MQM courses that is supposed to broaden the knowledge of students in areas related to their research interests.  For the quantitative methods major, this is usually coursework in the statistics or economics department, etc.  For measurement majors, it can be any set of courses that support their research interests such a psychology, math education, economics, etc.

Measurement and Quantitative/Statistics

Choose three of the following courses:

CEP 937Survey Methodology3
CEP 938Latent Variable & Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)3
CEP 982SEM with MPlus3
CEP 982Longitudinal3
CEP 982Meta-Analysis3
CEP 982Test Security and Data Forensics3
CEP 982Adaptive Testing3
CEP 982Missing Data Analysis3
CEP 982Statistical Toolbox3
CEP 991bSocial Networks 4
CEP 991bSocial Networks II4
CEP 991bCausal Inference4
CEP 991bBayesian Data Analysis4

Dissertation Credits

For both Measurement and Quantitative/Statistics focus

CEP 999Dissertation Research 24-30

Seminar: All students should attend the MQM student/faculty seminars that are scheduled monthly.