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About the Program

Welcome to MQM!


The Measurement and Quantitative Methods (MQM) Program at Michigan State University offers a doctoral program for students wishing to specialize in educational and psychological test development, or quantitative methodology as applied to problems in educational and social science research. Specifically, our students prepare for academic positions as education, psychology or applied statistics faculty members in the testing industry, at research institutes or in-state or national departments of education, where the analysis of educational data or the development, administration and analysis of tests and surveys are key activities.


Anne Traynor
Anne Traynor
The program's core courses, completed during my first two years of study, provided a foundation allowing me to pursue further reading according to my interests, and to contribute to ongoing research and discussion in the field of education. My educational experience has been enhanced by conversation with other students ... ... read more


Research Specializations

Doctoral students in the MQM program select between two specializations: Measurement, or Quantitative Methods.

Students interested in issues relating to large-scale assessment, instrument development and survey administration adopt the Measurement specialty.  

Students interested in the development, extension or modification of statistical methods or the rigorous application of sophisticated statistical or econometric methods to examine empirical issues related to educational research adopt the Quantitative Methods specialty. Students in the Quantitative Methods specialty are also trained in the quantitative basis for causal inference and educational evaluation that informs policy.

Interdepartmental Coursework

In addition to completing MQM program coursework, students typically select other courses in the College of Education, or Departments of Psychology, Sociology, Epidemiology, Economics or Statistics and Probability as appropriate to their professional goals and in conformance with their Program Plan.  All MQM doctoral students take courses to fulfill breadth requirements in the field of education.

More Information

For more detailed program information, please see the program of study and coursework or the MQM Handbook.