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Master of Arts in Educational Technology

MAET Refresher Course

2019 MAET Refresher
Galway, Ireland
Dates: July 8, 2019 - July 12, 2019 (we recommend arriving on July 7 and departing on July 13)

For the past several years our alumni have emailed and said “I miss MAET, I want to come back!” We are humbled and honored by this request and are pleased to offer a “refresher” course for our alumni (or any edtechie interested in keeping up with the latest and greatest!).

Recent conversations in the educational social spheres have called for “The Need for a New Education.” Recently, the dean of the MIT Graduate school stepped down to start her own non-profit university with “No majors, no lectures, no classrooms.” The 2019 MAET Refresher will be an opportunity to entrench ourselves in experiences which allow us to chart a new path for the MAET program. We have been charged with the task to reimagine and reinvent the MAET experience and thinking about and imagining next steps for the field of “Educational Technology.” Our explorations will be grounded and embodied in Design Thinking methodologies and strategies. As a participant, at minimum, you will walk away with strategies, tools and techniques to facilitate these conversations in your own educational or work environments we expect you may walk away with much more.

In addition to reinventing education as we know it, you will also have an opportunity reconnect and to relive (and make new) MAET memories.

In addition to our classroom time together, in true MAET style we will have our student services coordinator Jean-Pierre Heussaff at your service to supplement your academic experience with weekend cultural excursions.

Why should I do it?

It’s a great way to reconnect with the MAET program and potentially with some of your cohort classmates! You will also have the chance to serve as mentors and advisors to current MAET overseas students.

What do students say about the refresher?

“Making the decision to rejoin the MAET experience through the Refresher course was a great step to reconnect with the MAET amazing environment and recharge my toolbox of creative ideas all over again! The flexibility of the course structure and the integration with the other MAET teams was an additional value as it enabled me to learn how the program has progressed and what new EdTech trends are included. Moreover, attending the MAET annual conference , which is organized by the Year 2 group, was a great opportunity to learn, share and network. Having the time, I would join the Refresher every year.” – Rehab Rajab, MAET Overseas 2010 graduate, Supervisor Instructional Technology, Dubai, UAE.

How much is it?

The NON-CREDIT workshop rate is $450.00 USD

Housing can be arranged directly through NUI Galway.
Meals can be purchased on a daily basis in the cafeteria.

The Refresher Course is not eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

How long will it take me?

The MAET Refresher course is a one week commitment.

How do I apply?

All are welcome (even if you did not graduate from MSU)! Complete the 2019 MAET Summer Reservation Form to let us know that you’re interested in the refresher running in 2019 and we’ll be sure to reach out with updates!