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On-Campus Doctoral Program

Students in our on-campus mode get to experience the richness of life at MSU. They move to the East Lansing area from across the United States and around the world to pursue their studies on a full-time basis. They typically attend classes and participate in research/outreach activities in person. They engage in these activities alongside their peers in the Hybrid mode, who attend virtually. On-campus students are eligible to receive a funding guarantee that covers tuition and an assistantship for up to five years of study: The vast majority of on-campus students are admitted with some guaranteed funding. See our funding page for more information on funding options.  

On-campus students typically enroll in 3 courses (9 credit hours) per semester, while also holding teaching and/or research assistantships that require about 20 hours of work each week.  

Sample Year 1 Course Schedule for On-Campus Students  

FallProseminar I (CEP 900) 
Educational Inquiry (CEP 930) 
Quantitative Methods I (CEP 932) 
SpringProseminar II (CEP 901) 
Quantitative Methods II (CEP 933) 
Socio-Emotional Development (CEP 904) 
SummerNo coursework  
Work as a research/teaching assistant or conduct supported research with a summer research fellowship 

Sample Courses and Syllabi

View a list of typical courses along with sample syllabi.