Inspire Our Students

Our students want to hear from you! As the end of the 2023 academic year nears, we are seeking ways to encourage and uplift our students.
We are looking for hand-written notes offering well-wishes to energize our Spartans to finish the semester strong! Write down any kind thoughts or messages along with your class year, and send them to us, so that we can cheer on our students!

We will display the notes in both Erickson Hall and IM Circle, offering students dedicated spaces to find encouragement for finals week and graduation.  

How you can help

There are several ways you can submit your messages:

  1. Take a picture of your message and email to
  2. Scan or copy messages and email to
  3. Traditional mail messages to:

Attn: Room 518
620 Farm Lane
East Lansing, MI

Please join us in uplifting our Spartans through finals week! Go Green!