Get Involved

The College of Education Alumni Association Board invites you to use your college as a continued source of support in your professional life. As one of the nation’s premier schools of education, our college is on the leading edge in developing innovative ideas in teaching and learning, physical activity and educational research, use of technology, teacher education, and school reform. We hope you will network with and learn from our outstanding faculty and alumni.

Be Informed

These are just a few of the activities and opportunities to get involved with the College of Education. There are also regional events, annual awards to recognize alumni, and, of course, the College of Education Homecoming Tent Party to reunite with friends and former classmates. And, the COEAA Board of Directors annually has openings for new members if you would like to give back in that way.

Stay Connected

To stay connected to regular happenings around the college, follow us on Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and Twitter and be sure to check the calendar for upcoming events.

If you have ideas about new opportunities to get involved, contact Andrea Ray Alessio.