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Revised February 1991
Revised August 1993
Revised October 1995
Revised September 1997
Revised September 2000
Revised September 2002

Article I. Name and Affiliation
Section 1. This association shall be known as the Michigan State University College of Education Alumni Association, which shall be referred hereinafter as the “Education Alumni Association” or as the “association”.
Section 2. The Education Alumni Association shall be an affiliate of the MSU Alumni Association and will be governed by the bylaws of the MSU Alumni Association and by these bylaws.
Article II. Purposes
Section 1. The purposes of this association shall be: (1) to enhance and assist the MSU College of Education, (2) to serve the association members and (3) to enhance awareness of the association by MSU graduates and the general population.
Section 2. Assist the MSU College of Education.
a. Upon request of the dean, serve in an advisory capacity on the future and welfare of the college.
b. Promote campus and regional programs of the College of Education.
c. Promote attendance at MSU College of Education by high school students of high scholastic standing.
d. Promote identification and recruitment of outstanding candidates for admission to graduate programs in the College of Education.
Section 3. Serve the association members:
a. Regularly assess membership interests/needs.
b. Regularly sponsor programs for members needs.
c. In conjunction with MSU, co-sponsor courses, workshops, and social activities for association members.
Section 4. Enhance awareness of the association:
a. Promote activities of the association to students, alumni and friends of the college.
b. Distribute the newsletter of the association to members of the association, schools in Michigan, donors, and other appropriate audiences.
c. Distribute gifts from the association to graduates at commencement ceremonies.
d. Provide scholarships and awards from the association with appropriate recognition to the association.
e. Actively participate in MSU Alumni Association, college, and university functions as representatives of the association.
f. Promote visibility items with the logo and name of the association.
Section 5. The major goals of the association will be to increase membership in the association, improve the character and quality of services of the association, strengthen the relationship with the College of Education, and promote the reputation of the College of Education.
Article III. Membership
Section 1. Any alumnus or friend of MSU whose interests are related to the College of Education is eligible for regular membership in this association, as provided in the MSU Alumni Association bylaws.
Section 2. Payment of annual or life membership dues to the MSU Alumni Association provides membership in this association when so requested.
Section 3. Persons recognized by the association may be granted honorary and lifetime memberships so long as such memberships are consistent with MSU Alumni Association’s policy.
Article IV. Board of Directors
Section 1. This association shall be governed by a board of directors, composed of eighteen elected association members, and one representative each from the graduate and undergraduate student bodies. Additional voting members of the board of directors include persons qualified according to section 7 and 8 of this Article.
Section 2. Ex-Officio, non-voting members of the board of directors shall include but are not limited to the dean of the College of Education, the annual designee of the dean, and the staff representative of the National Alumni Association.
Section 3. Each elected board member shall serve a staggered three-year term, so that six members shall be elected each year. The student representatives shall serve no more than three years.
Section 4. The board members shall be elected at the last scheduled meeting of the current fiscal year with office commencing July 1.
Section 5. No persons shall be elected to the board for more than two full consecutive terms. By a 2/3 vote of the board of directors, a current board member whose term has expired may serve 1 or more additional years if no new candidates for the vacancy are available.
Section 6. At the last scheduled board meeting of the current fiscal year, the following association officers shall be elected for one-year terms, commencing July 1: president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer. The association president shall serve as board chair.
Section 7. The immediate past-president may serve one year as a voting ex-officer board member when serving beyond the expiration of his or her normal term of office.
Section 8. Any regular member of the association serving as a member of the National Alumni Board shall be included as a member of this board.
Section 9. Members of the board who have completed their terms of office since 1990 are invited to attend all board meetings without voting privileges as Emeritus Board members.
Article V. Board Meetings
Section 1. The board of directors shall meet at least four times annually.
Section 2. Additional board meetings may be called by the president and shall be called by the president upon written request signed by four or more board members.
Section 3. A quorum of the board for conducting board business consists of at least nine board members.
Article VI. Board Election
Section 1. A request for nominations shall be made of the association membership.
Section 2. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall prepare a slate of board candidates.
Section 3. The board shall elect the new board members at the last scheduled meeting of the current fiscal year.
Section 4. The board shall make every effort to meet affirmative action guidelines.
Section 5. Undergraduate student representatives shall be appointed by the Association Board.
Section 6. Graduate student representatives shall be appointed by the Association Board.
Article VII. Board Vacancy
Section 1. Any board member not attending at least two consecutive board meetings without prior notification during the current fiscal year may be removed from the board membership by 2/3-majority board vote of the members present at a scheduled meeting.
Section 2. Any board vacancy shall be filled between annual elections by board appointment until the next annual election.
Article VIII. Committees
Section 1. The president shall appoint the chairs of each of the following standing committees:
a. Scholarships and Awards
b. Nominations and Elections
c. Membership
d. Promotion
e. Professional Development
f. Website
Section 2. The president shall appoint Ad Hoc committees as deemed necessary by the board.
Section 3. All committees shall make oral reports as needed at each meeting and present an annual written report at the last meeting of the current fiscal year.
Article XI. Awards
Section 1. The board shall annually consider an award to an outstanding faculty member.
Section 2. The board shall annually consider an award to a distinguished alumni.
Section 3. The board shall annually consider a president’s award for service to the board.
Section 4. The board shall annually consider granting award(s)/ scholarship(s) to include, but not be limited to, the following:
a. graduate student
b. undergraduate student
c. high school graduate
d. undergraduate incentive scholarship
e. transfer student
f. outstanding alumni K- 12 teacher or intermediate school district
g. outstanding alumni K-12 administrator or intermediate school district
h. distinguished alumni of the year
Section 5. Sitting members of the College of Education Alumni Association Board of Directors shall not be considered as candidates for any awards listed in Sections 1, 2, 3 or 4.
Article X. Finances
Section 1. The treasurer shall be responsible for making recommendations concerning the financial requirements of the organization.
Section 2. The board shall annually review and make recommendations for strengthening the financial resources of the association.
Section 3. The treasurer shall annually propose a budget for adoption.
Article XI. Association Meetings
General meetings of the association shall be held as deemed appropriate by the board or upon written request signed by twenty-five association members in good standing.
Article XII. Reports
Section 1. The board shall place on file an annual report of the association business, with the dean of the College of Education, or designee.
Section 2. The board, through the president or designee, shall submit a written report to the MSU Alumni Association annually or as requested.
Article XIII. Amendments
These bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the voting members of the board at any scheduled or specifically called board meeting, providing each board member shall have a written copy of the proposed amendment at least seven calendar days prior to the board meeting. A written vote may be submitted by absent board members.


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