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Planned Program Required for the Degree in Special Education-Learning Disabilities

Students pursuing a BA degree in Special Education and certification as an elementary teacher must complete University Integrative Studies and Writing Requirements, the Planned Program for Elementary Certification, one of four Elementary Certification Teaching Majors and a series of professional education courses.

Planned Program for Special Education: 20-25 credits

All courses listed in the Planned Program are required unless otherwise stated. The Planned Program must total at least 20 credits that are not double counted with the teaching major.

GPA Requirement: A minimum grade of 2.0 is required for all courses in the Planned Program.

Planned program courses that serve as prerequisites for TE 400-level courses: 

  • Grades of 2.0 or better in TE 301 and ISE 301 are prerequisites for TE 403 (offered fall semester).
  • A grade of 2.0 or better in TE 301 is a prerequisite for TE 404 (offered fall semester).
  • Grades of 2.0 or better in TE 403, TE 404 and TE 348 are prerequisites for TE 405 (offered spring semester).
  • Grades of 2.0 or better in TE 403, TE 404, MTH 201 and MTH 202 are prerequisites for TE 406 (offered spring semester).

  1. Both of the following mathematics courses (6 credits counted on the Planned Program):

    MTH 201 Elementary Mathematics for Teachers I 3 credits
    MTH 202 Elementary Mathematics for Teachers II 3 credits
  2. The following course on children’s literature:

    TE 348 Reading and Responding to Children’s Literature

    3 credits

  3. One of the following courses on language acquisition and development:

    ENG 302 Introduction to English Language 3-4 credits
    CSD 333 Oral Language Development 3-4 credits
    LIN 200 Introduction to Language 3-4 credits
    LIN 401 Introduction to Linguistics 3-4 credits
  4. The following course on science in elementary schools:

    ISE 301 Science for Elementary Schools  3 credits
  5. One of the following U.S. History courses:

    HST 202 US History to 1876 4 credits
  6. The following geography course:

    GEO204 World Regional Geography 3 credits
  7. One of the following arts courses:

    IAH 208 Music and Culture 4 credits
    IAH 209 Art, Visual and Culture 4 credits
    IAH 241A Music and Society in Modern World 4 credits
    IAH 241C Cultural Traditions of Europe 4 credits
    IAH 241D Theater and Society in the West 4 credits
    IAH 241E The Creative Process 4 credits
    IAH 241F Traditions in World Art   4 credits
  8. One of the following creative arts courses:

    MUS 463 Methods and Materials of Elementary Music 3 credits
    THR 421 Creative Dramatics 3 credits
    THR 422 Children's Theatre 3 credits
    TE 430 Introduction to Arts in the Classroom 3 credits
    TE 431 Learning Through Drama 3 credits
    TE 432 Learning Through Movement 3 credits
  9. The following Kinesiology course:

    KIN 355 Physical Activity and Health Education for Elementary Teachers 3 credits