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Accessibility Statement

Revised 7/23/2015

This online site accessibility statement is under development. The site accessibility statement is intended to inform you of the ways in which this website ("Site") meets standards compliance and to which that information can be accessed.

Access Keys

Most web browsers support linking to specific pages by typing named access keys:

  • Windows users
    • Mozilla Firefox & Netscape: Press ALT + an access key.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Press ALT + an access key + ENTER
  • Macintosh users: Press CONTROL + an access key.

All pages on this site use the following access keys for common tasks:

  • S - Skip to Content
  • 1 - Home Page
  • 2 - News
  • 3 - Site Map
  • 4 - Search
  • 5 - About This Site
  • 6 - Contact Us
  • 0 - Accessibility

Questions and feedback

Your questions, comments and concerns are always welcome.  Please send us your feedback regarding the privacy statement or any other issues our College of Education Contact Us page, and select 'Webmaster’ as the person to contact with your specific questions, comments, or concerns.