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Urban Educators Cohort Program

At Michigan State University, teachers reach the heart of the city

Urban Educators Cohort Program

Students attending the nation's urban schools deserve teachers who will remain committed to the job no matter how school budgets and reform efforts fumble. They need teachers who know how to cultivate the resources and potential others may fail to notice – so that all learners have the best chances to succeed. Those teachers are starting their preparation through the Urban Educators Cohort Program at Michigan State University.

What Urban Educators Do

Members of the close-knit program spend their freshman and sophomore years at MSU together visiting real classrooms and taking specialized courses together. They receive all the benefits of the nation's top-ranked teacher preparation program, with a distinctly urban focus.

Urban educators:

  • Appreciate socio-cultural issues
  • Understand structures of power, privilege & poverty
  • Embrace cross-cultural differences
  • Create inclusive learning environments
  • Connect with families & communities

Are you prepared for the challenge?

Our students in the
Urban Educators Cohort Program
get experience teaching in urban areas like Lansing, Grand Rapids, Detroit and Chicago.