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Teacher Preparation Program

Who Works With Whom, Why, And How?

A successful internship is a partnership among the intern, Mentor Teacher, the field instructor, and the 800-level course instructors. This section describes their shared responsibilities, and then the separate responsibilities of each.

Shared Responsibilities

The intern, Mentor Teacher, field instructor and course instructors share some responsibilities during the year.

Planning and communication

  • Negotiate expectations, formats, and schedules for developing daily and long range lesson plans in a timely manner.
  • Negotiate a procedure for the intern to follow in the event of absences (e.g., who should be contacted, how lesson plans will be shared).

Professional activities

  • Negotiate an appropriate sequence of activities and responsibilities that promote interns’ learning to teach (e.g., moving from observation to co-planning and co-teaching to increasing responsibility for lead teaching).
  • Identify and arrange for outside-the-classroom opportunities that will benefit the intern and complement the coursework (e.g., observations of other teachers, participation in teacher meetings and inservices, parent conferences, curriculum committees, community-school committees, study groups, professional association).

Supporting and guiding interns’ learning

  • Identify areas where the intern needs support and guidance in learning to teach, and develop strategies to promote the intern’s professional growth in these areas.
  • Participate in joint conferences as (intern, Mentor Teacher, and field instructor) as indicated by calendar and/or as needed.

Managing demands of the internship

  • Review interns’ work arrangements to insure that interns understand the consequences of outside work during the intern year and that they can undertake an intensive year of professional study and guided practice while meeting their financial needs.
  • Assist the intern in identifying strategies for coping ---in ways that promote continued learning--with the various demands that they will face during the intern year.